Laurel Center Construction Delayed in Winchester

Laurel Center Construction Delayed in Winchester

The Laurel Center is still hoping to collect $2 million to finish the interior of its new center on North Cameron Street.

WINCHESTER, Va. - If you have driven by North Cameron Street, you may have noticed the Laurel Center's new look. While many think members have moved into the center it turns out there is a delay.

It is a $4 million project and only $2 million have been raised to build the outer-shell of the building.

"Well, it's frustrating. It's exciting the shell is up and to see it halfway done because we've got a lot of positive feedback about that," said Cindy Marzullo, development coordinator.

Construction began in 2012, with hopes of moving in this summer but another pile of $2 million is still needed to  build the inside of the center.

"It's been delayed because the economy is not what it needs to be to provide the  foundation to raise this money so we're looking still in the community. We're also looking at more public funding," said Donna Carpenter, executive director.

The Laurel Center helps about 3,000 women per year, guiding them through the struggles of domestic abuse.

With the move-in being delayed, victims have been turned away due to lack of space.

"Well, it does have an impact on the victims because we're turning people away and you never know what happens to those families," said Carpenter.

The City of Winchester provides about $3,000 in funding towards the center's programming, an amount that is still cutting it close before the keys can open the new doors.

Laurel Center members say they hope to move into the building within the next two years, while they continue to raise money through campaigns and public events.

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