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Les Taylor Takes the Victory for Winchester's New Sheriff

As one of the biggest races in the city, the Republican Committee celebrated Les Taylor's triumph at the Wingate Hotel.
WINCHESTER, Va. - Once the clock struck 7 p.m. and the polls closed, the community waited anxiously to find out who their new sheriff was and within a matter of minutes the city of Winchester congratulated Republican Les Taylor .
Winning candidates celebrated their victories at the Wingate Hotel, as chatter of excitement bounced among the room.
"I'm going to keep the safety and security and the main priority and main focus of the Winchester City Sheriff's Office. I also want to start a youth development program," said Les Taylor.
With plans of bettering the community, he ensures residents his promises are meant to be kept.
"I look forward to keeping the sheriff's office moving forward and I just look forward to keeping all the promises that I made to everybody," said Taylor.
It was not just a night of jubilation for the Republican committee, but it was proof their hard work had finally paid off.
"He laid it all out for the Winchester voters. How he was going to prove security at the courthouse, how he was going to reach out to the youth of the community which is a huge issue in Winchester," said Beau Correll, chairman of the Winchester Republican Committee.
Taylor said his first focus on becoming the new sheriff is to develop the youth development program for kids ages 11 to 18. He says it is important to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the City of Winchester.


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