Life Celebration Honors Girls Lost in Tragic Fire

Life Celebration Honors Girls Lost in Tragic Fire

An event to honor the lives of 6-year-old Sophie and 3-year-old Madigan Lillard who were taken too soon will be held this weekend at Summers Farm.
FREDERICK, Md. -- It's been nearly eight months since a family in Frederick County, Md. lost two of their daughters in a house fire. The family is hosting a life celebration this weekend for the community.

The memorial celebration will be on Saturday at the Summers Farm in Frederick and will honor Sophie,6, and Madigan Lillard,3.

"This is a special place for us because we came here as a family, and it also was a way for us to celebrate Sophie and Madigan in a way they would've enjoyed, doing the things they would've enjoyed," said the girls father Jack Lillard.

Their lives were taken too soon when the families’ house in Myersville caught fire back in January. While nothing can lessen the pain of their losses, the family said the support from the community has made all the difference.

"We wanted to do something fun, outside where they loved to be. Somewhere with the community around, that's been so wonderful and supportive these last few months. We want everyone else to remember them and make memories with their families, while we’re making new memories with ours as it's changed over the last year," said the girls aunt Becky Lillard Pomato.  

The family said the celebration is a way of keeping their little girls memories alive, and also a way to give back to the community that has given them so much.

"After the fire we had lost everything, so there was immediate support of the people providing physical goods, but that continued beyond the month or two after the fire, and that's been the emotional support that the communities been there for us," said Lillard.

At the time of the tragic fire, the family wasn’t able to have a memorial for the girls. They'll be doing that this weekend with a balloon release and doing all the things the girls loved doing at one of their favorite places, the Summers Farm.

The event is free and all you have to do is head to the white tent on the farm and get a wristband. The celebration beings at 3pm and runs through dusk.

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