Local Church Donates Christmas Gifts to Children

Local Church Donates Christmas Gifts to Children

One local church in Martinsburg, 365 Shop, gathered a team to serve the parents who were seeking to make their children's Christmas a joyful one.

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - The Christmas spirit is all about buying gifts and taking part in the chaotic holiday scene, but not every family gets to have that experience.

That is where one local church stepped in. 365 shop is a church dedicated to help community members 365 days a year, seven days a week.

The church passed out free Christmas gifts for families who may be struggling financially.

"They make just a little too much to get help from other areas and other organizations yet they're not making enough that they can actually go out Christmas shopping for their children," said Kim Shafer, co-leader of 365 Shop.

There were more than 400 families that showed up this year, with many of them even waiting outside of the church's door at midnight.

"Well, what's nice is that this year is our biggest year. Right now, we have 858 kids registered that are here, and that's just a kid. Not including the family members that are here," said store owner, Matt Francis.

Parents and siblings were anxious to grab all the goodies for their children at home. There were items such as toys that were used and brand new, candy canes, clothing, free gift wrapping, a and crate of Clementine’s.

This is the church's way to help parents who want to get free toys for their kids for Christmas.

We try to give back to the community. Being in law enforcement motorcycle club, we try to take care of the community in all that we can and give them a positive image of the motorcycle community," said Jack Bartley, Defenders Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.

The toys were collected throughout the year through donations from various organizations and community members.

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