Local Coach Could be Named Best in America

Local Coach Could be Named Best in America

One Frederick County coach is competing in a national competition. He's made it to the final round and is one of only seven left. Now he's looking for your vote.

Middletown, Md. - Middletown High School Football Coach Kevin Lynott is competing in a national contest and could be named the best in America. 

Lynott's helped lead the Knights to three consecutive State Championship games, two of which the team has won.

Coach Lynott is competing in the USA Today High School Sports' Best High School Football Coach in America. While winning is something the school certainly knows, they say this competition is so much more than that.

"[That's what] being part of a team is all about. It's all of us working together and in my eyes, I'm a temporary custodian of this team, it's temporary and my main goal is to take care of it," said Middletown High School Coach Kevin Lynott.

"He's always been there for everyone, and it doesn't matter if you're a starter or last-string, he cares about everyone and he's always there for everyone outside football too," said Frankie Meighan, a senior on the Middletown High School Football team.

The Middletown Knights have won the last 29 consecutive games, the team is 7-0 this season and went undefeated last season.

"The program has such integrity. Coach is a very humble person, this is very overwhelming to him because he'd be the first to tell you it's not about him," said Middletown High School Principal Denise Fargo-Devine.

The competition started off with more than 400 coaches, and more than nine million people across the nation voted in the first two rounds. The schools says Coach Lynott took home more than 300,000 votes in the last round. Coach Lynott is the first to say, it's really the students who take the team so far and have brought him to the final round of this competition.

"Being part of a team is everyone together, together as coaches, players, the community, administration, a county. I'm blessed by god to step in and work here," said Coach Lynott.

The community is hosting a BBQ this Sunday at Middletown High School from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. People are encouraged to bring there laptop, so everyone can vote together throughout the afternoon. You can vote as many times as you'd like to help the school take home this title. There's five days left to vote, to vote for Middletown High School's Coach Lynott head to www.fcps.org

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