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Local County Designated a High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Law enforcement agencies in Frederick County, Maryland, will receive $50,000 from the federal government to help deal with the issue.
FREDERICK, Md. - The Obama administration has identified Frederick County, Maryland as one of 12 new high-intensity drug trafficking areas across the entire nation.

"If you look at the physical location of Frederick, we're at a conduit of highways that splits right here in Frederick from areas of Baltimore and Washington, D.C.," said Chief Thomas Ledwell, with the Frederick City Police Department.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy made the designation based on four things. Drug related activities must have a harmful effect on the area, law enforcement uses resources for the issue, the area is a significant center of illegal drug production, and federal funds are needed to respond to the problem.

"We have identified some drug organizations within recent years that have operated, not only in Frederick County, but in other areas throughout Maryland and throughout the region but also here in Frederick County," Ledwell said. "This indicates that there are potential future organizations that'll be doing the same thing."

Law enforcement agencies in Frederick County will receive $50,000 from the federal government to help deal with the issue.

"I think it's another tool in the toolbox to help with dismantling drug organizations," Ledwell said. "The end result hopefully will be a reduction in crime related to drug trafficking."

The Frederick City Police Department will go to a meeting next week where a host agency in the county will be chosen to head the program.
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