Local Gas Prices Going Up

Local Gas Prices Going Up

National and local gas prices have gone up recently and experts say there are several reasons why.
MARTINSBURG, W.Va. -- Over the past week, gas prices have increased throughout the country, including the four-state region.  Now, drivers are taking a big hit to their wallets.

Locals are seeing prices around $3.89 a gallon for regular gas and more than four dollars a gallon for premium.

"It kind of blew my mind, I'm going on a trip to Florida, I need to fill up for that.  It looks like I'm not going to fill up here, just get a little and get back to Shenandoah County," said Richard Buffington, a Shenandoah County resident. 

"They stink right now, even in Virginia it's lower.  We don't live in Virginia, but Virginia gas prices are $3.49, $3.69 and we come up here it's 3.89," said Robin Van Curen, a Berkeley County resident. 

Even though Virginia gas prices are less than most states.  Prices at gas stations throughout the region have increased somewhere from 10 to 15 cents per gallon, and it's not any different in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  No matter where drivers go, they can't catch a break at the pump. 

"The more you work, the more you make.  It just takes that much more money to put in your gas which takes away from your other bills, especially your food bill," said Renah Milton, a Berkeley County resident. 

"It seems like the gas prices take 6 months for it to go down, to where you got a good price.  Yet it only takes weeks for it to go back up, 50 or 60 cents on the gallon, I think it's ridiculous," said Alan Cook, a Berkeley County resident.

AAA officials claim gas prices have gone up for a number of reasons, including the turmoil in Egypt, refinery issues in Canada, and the higher demand for gas during the summertime. 

"Personally, I just feel we have enough oil here. We need to drill some here and rely on our own oil and not worry about what's going on in other countries to help out a little bit," said Richard Buffington, a Shenandoah County resident. 

"I think we have enough in our own country here, that we should be provide for ourselves, instead of going to other countries to get it," said Renah Milton, a Berkeley County resident.

AAA officials say another reason for high prices is because for the first time more than a year, the cost of crude oil is now more than a $100 a barrel.

AAA officials expect the prices to go back down after Labor Day. 
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