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Local Soup Kitchen Provides Appetizing Thanksgiving Meal to the Community

The 1st Presbyterian Church served a Thanksgiving meal to over 400 people in Winchester, marking it a 25-year tradition.
WINCHESTER, Va. - The First Presbyterian Church stands tall over Winchester's Pedestrian Mall, taking part in a 25-year Thanksgiving tradition.  
"It's a very emotional feeling to give back to the community," says Bob Cleaver, co-chair of the Thanksgiving dinner.
With over 400 people to show at its community Thanksgiving dinner, it would not have been possible without the 400 volunteers that worked day and night.
"We worked about eight hours yesterday, and then we started again this morning at seven," says Bill Stewart, co-director of the Thanksgiving dinner.
Fresh food was brought out of the kitchen once the pots and pans were running low.
An abundance of food guaranteed to feed all walks of life such as families, the elderly, those who have disabilities, and the needy.
The church served over 763 meals in less than an hour. They also offered sit-down meals and home deliveries to families who could not attend otherwise.
120 turkeys were donated, 60 of them were given by the Salvation Army, and 60 of which where donated from local community residents.
No one was worried about the amount of food. 1,000 rolls were donated by Costco, 200 pies were donated from the community and 500 pound of potatoes were purchased with funds from the church.
"It is not just churches," said Cleaver. "Even though this is a religious event, it is people wanting to give back on this special day."
It was a special day indeed for those who simply wanted a home cooked Thanksgiving meal, and good company to keep.
If you would like to volunteer or donate for next year's Thanksgiving dinner, click here.

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