Local WWII Veterans Honored at Roundtable Meeting

Local WWII Veterans Honored at Roundtable Meeting

With Veterans Day just around the corner, dozens of local World War II veterans were honored at a local roundtable meeting.
WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD - Dozens of local World War II veterans were honored at the World War II Roundtable meeting on Wednesday night. They marched in celebration with family and friends applauding their great service and sacrifice.

Just like the dozens of other veterans being honored, Jack Myers was drafted into the war at just 19.

"I never thought much about it," says Myers. "I just thought a whole lot about getting back and winning the war for freedom."

Although 70 years have passed, he says the images of war are still fresh in his mind. These memories are ones that changed the course of history.

Myers' platoon ran the last German troops out of France, but it wasn't an easy feat."

"I think we lost more men in that stretch than probably any time," says Myers. "The fighting was fierce."

Fighting, that might be difficult for many to understand, but something we all should appreciate.

"I think it's important to remember that, and remember them and the great things that they did," says Marine Corps Veteran Jeremy Boulware. "My whole entire career was being stationed in places that were taken in World War II, occupied and established."

The accomplishments of these veterans are ones that should be honored always, but especially now, while members of the greatest generation are still able to appreciate the applause.

"In the next five to ten years there's not going to be a whole lot more of these ceremonies with 20 people," says Boulware. "There may be one regionally with two or three maybe."

A small effort to thank the men whose enormous sacrifices preserved American freedoms for future generations.
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