Man Arrested for Stealing Martinsburg City Vehicle & Landscaping Equipment

Man Arrested for Stealing Martinsburg City Vehicle & Landscaping Equipment

Christopher Moore of Martinsburg is behind bars for allegedly stealing a city vehicle, along with the city landscaping equipment.

BERKELEY COUNTY, W. Va. - Police arrested a Berkeley county man for allegedly stealing property from the City of Martinsburg. But it wasn't just any kind of property, it was a city pick-up truck with landscaping equipment.

Residents say he tried to swindle them into paying him to mow their lawns for cash.

Christopher Moore, of Martinsburg, W.Va., is behind bars for allegedly stealing a Martinsburg vehicle along with the city landscaping equipment. They say Moore took the truck and equipment and brought it to a Falling Waters neighborhood, where residents say he used the equipment and offered landscaping services for a price.

"He was taking, mowing people and collecting money from mowing the grass of course," said Louis Smallwood, a Falling Waters resident. "I did not see a whole lot but I was behind my house and working the garden, but that's what I found out."

"I'm glad that the police are doing their job and picking up those who are doing wrong," said Robert Kyne, a Falling Waters resident. "They want to steal like that; they should be put behind bars."

Martinsburg City Police say Moore stole the vehicle and equipment from the 500 block of North Queen Street around 10 a.m. Wednesday morning. That's where they say crews were doing landscaping work in the downtown area, then a half hour into the job, the landscapers came back to vehicle and noticed it gone, along with the equipment in it. That's when they contacted police, police say Moore drove off with the vehicle and removed the city decals from the truck along with the license plates, passing it off as his own vehicle.

"I took an initial statement from him saying that he was doing some yard work that he got the truck from a friend," said Detective Adam Albaugh, of Martinsburg City Police. "Back on station I asked him, how he got into a truck, he said the truck keys were left in the ignition." 

Moore is charged with grand larceny, and residents in Falling Waters say it's very gutsy for someone to steal city property. 

"It would be pretty bold for a man to take a pick up truck, equipment and everything," said Smallwood. "He would have to be really bold, to think it was possible for him to get by with it."

"Yes, very bold, but then maybe they should not have left the key in the vehicle,” said Iva Kyne, a Falling Waters resident.

Police say Moore is now being held at Eastern Regional Jail. If convicted he could face up to 10 years in prison.

The case is still under investigation.

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