Man Charged with Murdering Girlfriend in Jefferson County

Man Charged with Murdering Girlfriend in Jefferson County

Deputies tell WHAG they located a woman's body right out side of Charles Town on Route 340 at North Gate Inn Thursday morning. They've since charged the woman's boyfriend with second-degree murder.
JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. - Jefferson County law enforcement officials are investigating a murder that occurred at a motel on Route 340. According to police the victim was dead for a couple of days before the body was discovered on Thursday. Officials have also arrested a man in this case. 

WHAG's Bejoy Joseph was on the scene all day, and spoke to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, as well as residents in the area. 

Police have arrested a Jefferson County man in connection to beating a local woman to death at a motel in Charles Town. Police say the two were in an intimate relationship, checked in to a hotel a few days later, then a physical confrontation occurred leading to the death of the woman. 

Throughout the day on Thursday, Jefferson County investigators were at the murder scene at the North Gate Inn outside Charles Town, and eventually arrested Matthew Gilbert for allegedly killing his girlfriend Ann Chapman. 

"It's kind of unbelievable because there are a lot of people that like to walk in this neighborhood. When it's nice like this, then you stumble on something like this it's shocking," said Rose-Marie Fields of Jefferson County. 

"I'm just shocked, I feel bad for whoever lost somebody. It's just very sad," said Jane Marders of Jefferson County. 

Police say the two checked in on December 1, 2013. Shortly after police believe a fight broke out where Gilbert used excessive force to beat Chapman to death. They say the Jefferson County man left the scene immediately, and the woman's body was not discovered until early Thursday morning by the hotel staff. 

"The people have been at that room for a period of days. The one subject, who was charged, left a 'Do not disturb' sign on the door," said Sheriff Pete Dougherty, with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. 

Police say Gilbert turned himself in after he heard police came upon Chapman's body. Now he is charged with second-degree murder. The cause of death is still being determined. 

"It appears the woman died from internal injuries as a result of being stricken. We don't know what caused at this point," said Sheriff Dougherty. 

Gilbert was arraigned at Jefferson County Magistrate Court. Court officials tell WHAG he's being held at Eastern Regional Jail without bond. The date of his preliminary hearing has not been determined yet. The case is still under investigation. 

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