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Man in Critical Condition After Setting His House on Fire

Deputies say they believe it was in response to a divorce settlement, and the man not only set his home on fire but also spray-painted messages on the walls and pool.
UPDATE: The Frederick County Fire Investigation Task Force continues to investigate the shooting and house fire that happened around 5:08 a.m. Wednesday morning in Middletown. 

The homeowner, who's been identified as John R. Libeau, 61, was taken to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center for treatment of what appears to be a self inflicted gunshot wound according to fire officials. 

Libeau continues to be treated at the hospital. 

Reported 10/16 Wednesday morning:

Frederick County Fire and Rescue responded to a house fire early Wednesday morning in Middletown. 

Sergeant Eric Byers of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office says the fire was intentionally set by the man living in the house. He says they believe it was in response to a divorce settlement.

"The person who was residing at the house was involved in a divorce. Parts of that divorce were finalized within the last couple of days. We believe that was sort of the catalyst in this to start all this," said Sgt. Byers. 

Fire officials tell WHAG the man not only set his home on fire but also spray-painted messages on the walls and pool. 

"There was some spray paint done, some graffiti throughout the house, on the exterior of the house as well as the pool. We believe that the person possibly set fire to the house, and then went outside to watch," said Sgt. Byers. 

Sgt. Byers says as crews arrived on the scene to respond to the fire, that's when the man inflicted a single gunshot to himself. He was medi-vac'd to Baltimore Shock Truama where he remains in critical condition. 

"The fire and rescue services arrived on the scene for a house fire. They determined it very serious in nature. They located a single individual here at the scene today which we believe to be the person who set the fire. They notified the Frederick County Task Force, which is the Sheriff's Office, got the notification. Department of Fire and Rescue, the Fire Marshal's Office came out as well to investigate the scene and we responded out today to assist in the investigation," said Sgt. Byers. 

The investigation is ongoing. Byers says crews are still out on scene working to clean up the damage, but it's believed the house is a total loss. 
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