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Manitowoc Cranes Employee Killed in Accident

Pennsylvania State Police say a worker at Manitowoc Cranes was killed Thursday afternoon after being trapped between two cranes.
SHADY GROVE, Pa. -  Officials with the Pennsylvania State Police said a Manitowoc Cranes employee died Thursday afternoon after he was trapped between two cranes.

The incident happened around 2:30 p.m. Thursday in a parking lot located to the west of the cylinder building of Manitowoc Cranes, off of Buchanan Trail.

Investigators said Rickie Grimsley was standing between one parked crane and one crane that was being moved by another employee.  That crane was moved too sharply, and police said Grimsley was trapped between the two pieces of equipment.

E.M.S. were called to the scene, and performed CPR on Grimsley until he was pronounced dead.  No other information is being released about the incident at this time.
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