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More Tips For Buying Shoes For Back To School

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Hi Folks, my name is Jim Currie, I am the manager here at the local Super Shoes.  I’ve been asked to talk to you a little bit about what to look for this up coming back to school season and how to get a great deal as you head out there with the kids to get your shoes for back to school.  One thing I want you to remember, is there gonna have times when they have to dress up, that school play, for church.  As an add-on, you want to get them a black universal shoe.  For the girl, a nice flat, for the boy, a slip-on black dress shoe.  $15-$20 bucks as an add-on, you can’t go wrong.  One thing you need to look for this back to school season, is make sure you’re using a retailer like us here at Super Shoes.  We will allow that coupon on top of the sale price.  You’ll find that coupon in Valpak or Redplum.  You come in, you can use it on top of the already discounted sale price.  Get in there early, don’t wait til the night before school starts or that last weekend.  Most back to school sales start the beginning of August.  Get in there then, so your child can get the size he needs, get the shoe he wants.  Don’t have a disappointed kid.  The sales start early, get in there early, so you can get what you need.  OK, in finishing up today folks, if you do go on-line and you use an on-line website to buy your children footwear, make sure there is a local store in your area so that you can head in, exchange the footwear, change out the footwear if your child doesn’t like it.  It is convenient to go on-line, but make sure you have that option of heading into the store supershoestogo.com.  If you get something on there you don’t like, just head into the store and we’ll exchange it for you quick and easy and you’ll be ready for back to school.
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