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MSP Hitting the Roads Enforcing New Transportation Laws

"We're looking inside your cars, we drive by or come up behind you, just remember we can see in the car," said Cpl. Chris Barnard.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Maryland's new transportation laws are now in effect and WHAG's Kirstin Garriss took a ride with state troopers to see how they're enforcing it.

"You see that seat belt going on? It just went on!"

Officers say they often see violators at stop lights or when they're doing routine traffic stops. 

"We're looking inside your cars, we drive by or come up behind you, just remember we can see in the car. We're looking for your seat belt , the shoulder harness to be across your front, not under your arm," said Corporal Chris Barnard, Maryland State Police. 

"As they drive by sometimes it's very easy to see they have their seat belt on, sometimes it's not easy," he said. 

Officers say cell phone usage while driving has been illegal for the past year, and now they can give you a citation for it.

"We're looking to see that you're not looking down in your seat at a cell phone trying to read something or that you don't have a cell phone up to your ear or typing into it or something like that," said Cpl. Barnard. 

Barnard is advising all drivers to be safe while they're out on the roads. 

"Be courteous to other drivers, drive how you would like to see others drive, and remember if you have children in the car, they're watching your driving habits and they're learning from them," said Cpl. Barnard. 

Officials are also asking drivers to "park your phone" before you drive. Maryland State Police officers are on the roads enforcing these new laws and they advise drivers to exit the highway or interstate and park safely before making any phone calls.

And WHAG wants to clarify all the new fees. According to Maryland State Police, for cell phone usage while driving: first-time violators pay $83, second-time violators pay $140 and third-time violators pay $160 and for unbelted drivers and passengers, it's a $83 fee. 

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