Neighbors React to Five Killed in Motorcycle, SUV Crash

Neighbors React to Five Killed in Motorcycle, SUV Crash

Neighbors react to the motorcycle, SUV crash that killed five people in Washington Township, Pennsylvania.
WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Sunday afternoon, these skid marks and this mirror along Fort Richie Access Road 

were painful reminders of the tragedy that happened on the stretch of rural road just before 2:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses say the accident that happened was the most horrific thing they've ever seen.

Five people were killed instantly when two motorcycles collided head on with an SUV.

"It's horrible, kids, parents, had to find out they'll never see their mom, dad, grandparents again," say Jennifer Cline, a Waynesboro resident.

32 year-old Douglas Hoffer and his passenger 27 year-old Colleen Nesbitt were riding one of the motorcycles.

67 year-old David Russell and 53 year-old Michelle Russell were riding the other motorcycle.

68 year-old Marjorie Smith was riding in the SUV. 

All five died here on the scene.  

According to the Franklin County Coroner all of the victims were from Pennsylvania. 

But none from this area.

Although neighbors who saw the accident didn't know those who died.

They say they are shaken by what happened.

So heart wrenching to know anybody passed away it's just terrible," says Lynn Dick.

Most of them have more questions than answers.

Although nobody expected an accident this bad, neighbors say drivers often speed through the area.

"Oh I don't drive fast on this round, because everyone uses that road as a race track. People drive fast. The speed limit on our road is like 35 miles per hour. But people don't go 35," says Dick. 

Since the accident, neighbors say they've noticed drivers are going at a much slower speed on this road where the accident occurred.

A crash that happened in an instant but that will forever stay in the minds and hearts of this community.


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