New Flu Vaccines Hit Market This Year

New Flu Vaccines Hit Market This Year

Several new flu vaccines will be available for the first time this year.

HAGERSTOWN, Md.Several new flu vaccines will be available for the first time this year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expects one particular new flu vaccine, called the quadrivalent vaccine, will prevent 480 more deaths this year.

Flu vaccines normally guard against three strains of flu, but the quadrivalent vaccine will provide a more protection.

“For the last 30 years, the flu vaccine is composed of three strains: two from influenza A and one from influenza B. But this year, there will be four strains,” said Mohammad Bilgrami, an infectious disease specialist at Meritus Hospital.

Experts say this new vaccine will be especially helpful for keeping your kids from catching the flu.

“Children are prone to get influenza B infections along with getting influenza A so this will add…more protection to children,” said Bilgrami.

There are also some other flu vaccine options available for the first time this flu season, including a shot specially made for those who are 65 years or older and an egg-free shot for those who are allergic to eggs.

And for people who are afraid of needles, there is a new shot expected to be available this year that only pricks the surface of your skin.

So what do all these new options mean?

“It will create more confusion to people because of too much availability but the good thing is it protects against all b strains,” said Bilgrami.

Medical professionals say the new flu vaccines may only be offered in small numbers this year. They recommend getting your flu vaccine in the early part of fall starting in September.

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