New Order in Wayne Jones Lawsuit

New Order in Wayne Jones Lawsuit

It's a lawsuit that had three complaints. Now there are only two.

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - It's a lawsuit that started with three complaints.

"This is the case where Mr. Wayne A. Jones was shot to death by, we believe, to be five Martinsburg City Police officers on March 15th, 2013," said Attorney Sherman Lambert.

At that time, Lambert says as plaintiffs, they had the City of Martinsburg, the Maryland Police Department, and one to 25 John Does.

Now, only two complaints in the case remain.

"We dismissed the Martinsburg Police Department on grounds that they're really not subject to suit. The City of Martinsburg is a municipality. That municipality created the existence of the Martinsburg Police Department. So we don't need them," said Lambert.

Now, there's a new ruling.

While questions still surround the case, the judge has ordered the City of Martinsburg to answer the complaint. 

Lambert says it's not unusual for certain routine motions to be dismissed like this one, but he also explains how this case is a little different.

"In this case, the distinction is that both parties agree. It's an agreed order to dismiss the Martinsburg Police Department," said Lambert.

Currently the West Virginia State Police are investigating the shooting. 

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