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New Program for Using Emergency Medical Services

Beginning October 1, 2013, patients who dial 911 in Frederick Count, VA and are transported will not see a bill.
FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. -- The fee for using emergency medical services is now being taken care of in Frederick County, Va. Beginning on October 1, 2013, patients transported to the hospital will not see a bill.
"The only thing that they see is when they get explanation of benefits or an EOB from their insurance company. It shows that they had paid 'x' amount of dollars to Frederick County, this is what you owe but no bill will be sent to them," said Frederick County Deputy Chief, Larry Oliver.
Instead, insurance and healthcare providers will be the ones billed. Meanwhile, those without insurance will not be billed at all.
Frederick County is one of the last localities to implement this program and it is already built into patients' insurance to help pay for their bill.
The program is aimed to offset costs and provide funding for the 11 fire companies in the county.
Oliver says the money received would go towards a third party billing company, the salary for the county's billing manager and EMS supplies.
The price of transports will depend on the type of call responders receive. There are two categories: Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support.

        B.L.S. Emergency Base Rate - $440
        B.L.S. Non-Emergency Base Rate - $431
        B.L.S. 1 Emergency Base Rate - $550
        A.L.S. 2 Emergency Base Rate - $720
        A.L.S. Non-Emergency Base Rate - $512

 There will also be an $11 charge per transported mile.

Oliver ensures no changes will be made to their service.
"If they dial 911, we're still going to come and provide service. There's not going to be a lot of extra paperwork or anything like that,"  added Oliver.
Of the money received, he also hopes it will give them extra staff in the future as well.
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