New program promotes fall prevention for seniors

New program promotes fall prevention for seniors

A new program, "Stepping On", aims to help prevent seniors from falling.
HAGERSTOWN, MD - It's considered the leading cause of injuries and even death for those 65 and older.

"Yes I see a lot of falls on the ground and stuff on crutches and wheel chairs tip over stuff like that," said Christopher Baines, a local resident. 

But experts at Meritus Medical Center say falls should not be considered a normal part of the aging process. So they've created the program "Stepping On." 

"One of the big concerns of seniors is falls. They think it's a normal part of haging and it's not. It's preventable. Seniors can learn ways to prevent falls," said Kelly llewellyn of Meritus Medical Center.

Which is what the free "Stepping On" classes are expected to do.

The program will involve strength and balance exercises, medication management, home safety, and footware.

A proven program made to build confidence and reduce falls for seniors.
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