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New Standard Based Report Cards for WCPS

"We're going from grading students on what they earned to making sure that we're grading students on what they learn," says Hope Fuss, Washington County Public Schools.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - Elementary school report cards are getting a makeover this school year in Washington County. Six schools piloted the report cards last year but this is the first year the entire school district will use the new elementary reporting system.

"We're going from grading students on what they earned to making sure that we're grading students on what they learn. And truly matching the standards that are being taught in the class room to what we're reporting for students," said Hope Fuss, supervisor of elementary reading and literacy instruction for Washington County Public Schools.

The new common core state standards imitative aims to give students and teachers a more accurate evaluation of progress in several subjects.

"We're separating learning behaviors out from the standards," said Fuss. "Meaning you know if a child who has trouble completing assignments or doesn't turn in their homework but they can still learn the standard and they show the teacher that they know that standard those behaviors are separate from the grade."

Now each grade level has its own distinct form - that's new - but some things are staying the same.

"They can still see the A, B, C, D grade on the report card and compare it then to the standards base," said Fuss. "So there's still a little bit of the traditional grading included on this report card and I think that's going to help with the transition."

Teachers will explain the new report cards to parents during parent-teacher conferences this October.

"And really showing what our students are learning, what they can and can't do so that we give the right information to parents and then to the next year's teacher that we're really reporting the true progress," said Fuss. 

For now, only the elementary school report cards are changing this year and surveys will be available throughout the year for parent feedback.

Check out a copy of the new report cards, here: http://wcpsreportcard.weebly.com/

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