New Trash Site for Gainesboro Residents

New Trash Site for Gainesboro Residents

After a decade of waiting, Frederick County Public Works is finally upgrading their Solid Waste Convenience Center in Gainesboro.

Gainesboro, Va. - Ten years after submitting their first request, Frederick County Public Works is ready to open a new Citizens Convenience Center for Gainesboro residents.

"We have a few trees left to plant yet, but we'll be open for business on Thursday,” said Gloria Puffinburger, Solid Waste Manager for Frederick County.

At the old site off Gainesboro Road, the county worried about litter accidentally falling into Back Creek, and they had a lot of trouble with illegal dumping because the old site was too small to fence in.

"The convenience site at Gainesboro Road is substandard compared to our other facilities,” said Puffinburger.

So why did it take them so long to build a new one?

"Simply because of the fact that everyone loves a Citizens Convenience Center, but nobody wants it near them," said Frederick County Administrator, John Riley, Jr.

The new convenience site cost Frederick County a little less than $500,000. Funding came from tax dollars, profits from selling the old site, a rollover of funds from the previous fiscal year and a small portion of this year's budget.

"It’s expensive, there's no doubt about it, when you do it correctly," Riley said.

"It is a significant investment. We believe it will last the community for about another 20 years," said Puffinburger.

The new site, located at the old Gainesboro Elementary School, sits on an acre and a half of land, and offers recycling and trash compactors.

"It’s a much more attractive site, a much more professional looking facility. So we're really excited about it and we think the residents will be too,” Puffinburger said.

The site took Frederick County seven months to build. It have a grand opening on Thursday, and start accepting trash and recycling the same day.

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