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New Visitors Center at Mt. Saint Mary's University Opens

The new center is 4,000 square feet and cost $2.7 million. It has all kinds of historical exhibits and a gift shop

EMMITSBURG, Md. - The snow isn't stopping people from enjoying the new visitors center at Mount Saint Mary's University.

"Even though we've gotten so much snow, I'm surprised now that the visitors center is here how people are still drawn. They now know that they can visit the Grotto, come inside, and warm up," said Lori Stewart, director of the Grotto at the Mount.

The new center is 4,000 square ft. and cost $2.7 million. It has all kinds of historical exhibits and a gift shop. Wood from Hurricane Katrina lines the ceiling.

"I believe the new visitors center will be another facility for retreats, pilgrimages, meetings, seminars, just even prayer groups or any type of group that would like to come here and visit," Stewart said.

Those at the Mount say the visitors center is a great way to bring people both to the Mount and to the town of Emmitsburg.

"The reaction from our visitors, our returning visitors and our new visitors, they are so happy to have a building here where they can come in, especially now with the weather, somewhere it's warm, visit, and learn more history of the Mount," Stewart said.

The multi-million dollar project also includes a parking lot and new infrastructure, which is still under construction.

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