WV Locals Volunteer in Chemical Spill Relief Efforts

WV Locals Volunteer in Chemical Spill Relief Efforts

Local West Virginians are organizing relief efforts to help those who are being affected by the chemical spill crisis in Charleston.

MARTINSBURG, Wv.— West Virginians are participating in relief efforts to help those who are being affected by the chemical spill crisis in Charleston.

Nathan Arnett donated items to a collection drive Sunday. He and his family left their home in Charleston for a ski trip Thursday night, just hours before they found out about the disaster.

"We were quite dumbfounded because there was no precedence to something like this happening,” said Charleston resident Nathan Arnett. “In our area, chemical valley, you hear about shelters in place, you hear about water problems, but no one's ever experienced this."

Nathan, his wife, and two kids are currently staying with his mother in Martinsburg. While in town, they were able to stop by a drop off location for the collection drive organized by Senator John Unger. They're looking for items like water, baby formula, and plastic utensils.

"They’re organizing drives within their church, rotary, and other civic organizations are actually now engaged in the drive,” said West Virginia Senate Majority Leader John Unger (D-Berkeley, 16). “The boy scouts are now engaged in this process, more and more people are joining."

It's become a community effort that's all about giving back.

"This is giving [my grandson] Chase and any other members of the boy scouts of our troop an opportunity to participate in giving back to the community,” said Bob Kutcher, committee member of boy scout troop 25.

Martinsburg native Randy Lewis says he felt compelled to volunteer.

"I was taken aback. I’m very heart-sickened,” said Lewis. “I was born and raised here in West Virginia so I do want to help our fellow residents out."

For those like Nathan, who live in Charleston, it's become a waiting game to see when things will go back to normal.

"I’m going to feel very thankful that I was able to avoid most of this problem, and I will continue to help out whenever I can,” said Arnett.

The collection drive is scheduled to go until Wednesday. You can drop off donations at several locations from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


-Distilled water for medical devices

-Bottled water



-Liquid baby formula

-Paper plates

-Plastic Utensils

-Microwavable meals


Drop off sites:

-Union Sales Dodge Building (on the Corner of Queen and Race Streets, Martinsburg, WV)

-Shepherd University’s Wellness Center (164 University Drive, Shepherdstown, WV)

-All fire department and EMS stations in Berkeley County. 

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