Community brings Drug Awareness through Project Hope

Community brings Drug Awareness through Project Hope

The community in Thurmont is coming together to raise awareness about drugs. Many residents say there’s a heroin epidemic in the area. WHAG’s Shayna Halper tells us, how those who have been hit hardest by this epidemic are working together to educate the rest of the community.
FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - A group of Thurmont residents are coming together to educate the public about the harmful effects of heroin and other drugs.


Gina Carbaugh lost her son Richard more than a year ago on December 5, 2012. Carbaugh says she did what she could to help her son.


“His death was involved what do they call it a hot shot it's heroin and poison and was given to him by his friend or so called friends,” said Gina Carbaugh of Frederick County, Md.


Carbaugh says heroin and other drugs can be found too easily in the area. Jacque Woodbine and Carbaugh both help run Project Hope in Thurmont.


“I wanted to help the community the town. My son was well known.”

“Our mission is to help people get the help they need and educated the county of the epidemic this have become,” said Jacqueline Burrier of Project Hope Thurmont.


The group set up a Youth Dance for Saturday night and says they have a recovering addict coming to speak to the community.

“My goal is to help people stay clean, stay sober and from this happening again so another parents does not go through what I have to go through,” said Carbaugh


Woodbine and her son started Project Hope back in June and says they’ve already helped 13 people in the area battling drug addiction.

The Frederick Police department says between 2010 and 2011 they seized 110 percent more heroin then in previous years and that they saw another 11 percent increase from 2011 to 2012. They do say the numbers this year are on track with those of the last few years. The Frederick County Sheriff's office says they've also see the number of heroin related calls skyrocket by nearly 300 percent.

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