Holidays can be a time of Stress, Depression

Holidays can be a time of Stress, Depression

‘Tis the season for shopping, cooking, family and friends, and that can sometimes become stressful. WHAG’s Shayna Halper tells us how you can avoid some of the holiday stress this holiday season.
FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - The holidays are a time of happiness and joy but with all the shopping, cooking and traveling they can also become a bit stressful. During the holiday season stress tends to take on a different character.


According to some statistics, fatigue and stress are the top two negative emotions associated with this time of year.


“It's a whole season it's not just one day,” said Kassy Bell, a professional counselor in Frederick County, Md.


“I supply a lot of retail store and restaurants with wine, so my season starts about the middle of November and gets stressful, and stays that way through Christmas,” said Allen Murphy of Poolesville, Md.


As busy as the holidays get for most people, experts say you need to make time for yourself.


“I hear it all the time, well I don't have time for me, and you know if you don't schedule it, it doesn't get done. If you do, more gets done and you're more productive if you take quite time,” said Bell.

Bell also says to make it a priority to take care of yourself since it’s easy to get caught up worrying about everyone else with shopping, cooking and all the holiday decorating.


Many people also tend to over-indulge this time of year, so it’s a good idea to hit the gym, which also helps to reduce stress.


As for New Year’s Resolutions? Experts say those can only be a setup for failure. Statistics show more than 90 percent of them do fail, including one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, loosing weight.


“Plan when you want to start, how you’re going to do it. Get expert advice, what works best, you commit to that, but you know January first ready or you're not ready, you're going to fail,” said Bell. .


Bell also suggests meditating or simply taking a walk to help keep your stress levels low throughout the holiday season.

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