Frederick Police Investigate String of Violent Crimes

Frederick Police Investigate String of Violent Crimes

Frederick police are investigating a string of violent crimes. WHAG’s Shayna Halper tells us how police are working to solve these crimes that they say aren’t typical for the Frederick area this time of year.

FREDERICK, Md. - Frederick Police say typically around this time of year they don’t respond to many violent crimes, but over the last three weeks there’s been a string of them.

Wednesday police arrested Andrew David Kreinbrook, 36, of Newport News, Va., in connection to the November 27 Sun Trust Bank robbery in Frederick.

“Video was located that led us to the vehicle, the getaway vehicle of the bank robber, which lead us to his location in Virginia,” said Sgt. Joe Hayer of the Frederick Police Department.

It’s not the first time Frederick’s Square Corner has become a target. Back in February Colonial Jewelers was robbed at gun point.

Police say violent crimes aren’t typical for this time of year that things are usually pretty quiet.

“The majority of times the holiday season the calls for service for major investigations tend to go down this time of year,” said Sgt. Hayer.

However this year police are slammed with investigations, all cases they’ve responded to within the last three weeks. The investigations
include a fatal stabbing that happened in the Hillcrest community behind an apartment complex on Greenwall Place, a stabbing at the Frederick Greenes Apartments complex, a shooting Friday night, and most recently on Sunday a stabbing downtown on the 100 block of North Market Street.

Local business owners say all the recent crime is a concern.

“We also have a lot of demands placed on the Frederick Police Department. We’re seeing a lot of activity, there's just a lot more urban activity, and I think that the business owners are getting a little concerned,” said local business owner and former Fredrick Mayor Jennifer Dougherty.

Police say they’re downtown foot patrols are working to fight crime in the area.

“[Downtown Foot Patrols are] a group of officers that tend to be on foot and bike patrols, and Segways. There's a heavier concentration Downtown especially for Friday and Saturday night for the restaurant and bar traffic,” said Sgt. Hayer.

Police say they don’t believe any of these crimes are related. They say everyone in the community can do their part by keeping an eye out this holiday season.


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