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Shenandoah Family Farms to Begin Production in Hagerstown

The former Good Humor-Bryer’s Ice Cream plant in Hagerstown will soon be back up and running again. Shenandoah Family Farms has taken over the property and in a few weeks will begin production.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Shenandoah Family Farms will begin production out of their new facility, the former Good Humor-Bryer’s ice cream plant in Hagerstown, within the next three weeks.

Valley Pride, LLC purchased the plant back in August and has since hired 35 workers. Of those, nearly 10 worked at the former Good Humor-Bryer plant. 

“It’s great to see some familiar faces, faces of people who previously worked here, and its great to see them back on board,” said Corri Loan of Shenandoah Family Farms.

When the facility opens its doors to being production, the first product to hit shelves will be milk.

“In a month we'll be looking to add ice cream. We’ll have to have employment for that line and as each one of ice cream novelty bars come on well have to add more employees,” said Shenandoah Family Farms Board President Randy Inman. 

Management says 1,800 people have already applied for jobs at the facility. 

“It's a good feeling to offer people back jobs that are looking for work. It's just been mind-boggling to know how many people are looking for work,” said Inman. 

Management says about 90 percent of the people they hire will be local.

“Now we’re looking basically in the have town area for help. In the future, we’re moving into the fluid lines and ice cream lines and we feel like we need to accommodate Hagerstown in getting employment here,” said General Manager Fred Rodes.

Shenandoah Family Farm’s milk is expected to hit store shelves by next week, though that milk isn’t being produced in the new facility just yet. Management says they’re hopeful to employ about 150 people within the next two years. They expect to be producing milk out of the new facility by mid February. 

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