Increase of Violent Robberies on City's West Side

Increase of Violent Robberies on City's West Side

Frederick police have a warning for you and are asking for the public's help in finding a group of people they say are responsible for robberies on the west side of the city.
FREDERICK, Md. - Overall crime in the City of Frederick was down by nearly seven percent last year, according to police. However they do say there’s been a recent increase in robberies on the west side of the city.  

“He was attacked by three or four Hispanic males he believes were wearing dark clothing, they assaulted him. He actually received a pretty serious eye injury we believe it was a fracture to his opal bone,” said Lt. Clark Pennington of the Frederick Police Department. 

Police say they’re investigating four cases right now. They say in each incident, a group of two to four Hispanic males, wearing dark clothing and masks are using force, and targeting people walking alone at night, stealing money, cell phones or wallets. 

“We’re noticing they're using some kind of weapon, a bat, a knife, in some instances a gun. They are using those instruments but they're also using force in their attacking or assaulting their victims,” said Lt. Pennington. 

Police say at least one of the incidents happened after a person left the restaurant Mi Casa on McCain Drive, and was attacked along this wooded path that leads to an apartment complex.

Police say they have heightened patrols in hot spot areas to help reduce these kinds of crimes, and have no indication that this group is an organized gang since they haven’t been able to fully identify the people involved. Anyone with information should contact Frederick police at (301)-600-TIPS.


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