Nude Stranger Assaults Woman in Her Home

Nude Stranger Assaults Woman in Her Home

A Frederick County, Va., woman is recovering after she was assaulted by a naked stranger in her apartment.

Winchester, Va. - It sounds like a nightmare, but for one local woman, what happened in her apartment is all too real.

"At approximately 7 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., we received a report from a victim of an assault,” said Captain John Heflin, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. “The victim woke up to find a Hispanic male, nude in her apartment."

The woman was sleeping at her apartment at a complex off of Brigstock Drive in Winchester, when the strange, naked man assaulted her.

"An encounter between the victim and the suspect ensued. The victim was able to get out of the apartment and get help," said Heflin.

The woman suffered minor physical injuries but was quite shaken up by the incident.

"The units up there went door-to-door, canvassing the neighborhood, looking for witnesses and so forth,” Heflin said.

Investigators with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office say the assault is most likely linked to another incident that happened on December 21, 2013.

In that case, a Hispanic male was hiding out in a female's apartment, when she found him with a knife. She was also able to get away.

"Because of the proximity of both residences, and given the information that we have right now, we're thinking that it's probably the same subject. We're not 100 percent certain with that, but that's the way the investigation is going at this time," said Heflin.

Investigators don't have any leads yet, but they do have a clear description of the suspect.

"The victim from today's incident was able to get a better view, because the suspect was nude. The victim from the other incident, the suspect was clothed and had on extra clothes, making the identification a little bit tougher,” said Heflin.

The suspect is described as heavyset, Hispanic and about 5'4" in height. 

Investigators are asking anyone with information to please call them at (540)-662-6162 or through Crime Stoppers, either online at or on their tip line, 540-665-TIPS.

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