Outside the Classroom with a Hot Air Balloon

Outside the Classroom with a Hot Air Balloon

Redbud Run Elementary students learned hands on about math and science with a giant hot air balloon on Friday.
WINCHESTER, Va. - Redbud Run Elementary School said forget the textbooks and pencils for the day, and instead, they stepped outside for a course with Mr. Peoppelman and a hot air balloon from Re/Max Roots.

The school says it's a science and math lesson better taught hands on to their kindergarten to fifth graders.

The students witnessed a deflated balloon grow to a massive size using all their senses: sights, sounds and touch.

"They're real curious," said Kevin Poeppelman who was assembling the balloon. "They really are interested in everything we're doing and they can't wait to get their question answered."

Also curious, were the teachers who donated money to United Way to have a ride on the hot air balloon. They became students for a moment, and got a little taste of being high in the sky.

"They (students) were chanting 'Carder-Smith, Carder Smith,'" said Lois Carder-Smith who teaches the 1st grade. "I was really excited about that."

An excitement that can't be contained, Mr. Peoppelman says this experience also does wonders for the kids' imagination.

"It can take you anywhere you want, and lets you take it far away up to see some world, and you can see far away from here," said student Randy Andrade.
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