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Part 2: Cadet Numbers Dwindle as Police Academy Training Continues

"I think they like to put us under a lot of stress, mental stress, to make sure that you can perform on the street."
FREDERICK, Md. - The Frederick City Police Academy started in April 2013, and in May the student officers had been working hard for a month.

Cadet Engin Caliskan dropped out of the academy after one week. He talked about his excitement to join the class on day one.

"I'm born and raised in Frederick City," Caliskan said. "I went to Frederick High, born at Frederick Memorial Hospital, so it's just a privilege and an honor to be able to protect and serve where I've grown up."

Caliskan went back to his former career in retail. Other student officers are also struggling with the rigors of the academy.

"I think they like to put us under a lot of stress, mental stress, to make sure that you can perform on the street, and sometimes that's difficult," said Eric Morton, a student officer.

The recruits say they're working out to get in shape for the physical challenges.

"I didn't know what to expect. I knew it was going to be hard. It's much harder than I thought it was going to be," said Sara Evans, a student officer.

Evans says she tries to unwind at her Frederick apartment with her wife.

"We've actually gotten a lot closer because I think when you go home you have to remind yourself, 'Okay, I'm not at the academy anymore. I can let all of my worries go, and now I have to be the spouse and the wife,'" Evans said. 

Evans says her wife's support is what helps her get through each day at the academy.

"She really supports me in everything and gets my lunches ready in the morning and makes a lot of Epsom salt baths because you're very sore," Evans said.

Evans is very sore from the physical rigors on her body, and her mind is overloaded with the mental challenges of studying. She has company with the 10 other cadets pushing through each day and trying to remain strong.

Tune into WHAG at 5 p.m. Wednesday to find out if the student officers who are struggling will stay in the academy.

We'll also learn how they're balancing the rigors of the academy with their family lives at home.
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