Pennsylvania Hosts 98th Annual Farm Show

Pennsylvania Hosts 98th Annual Farm Show

It's a state-wide event that boasts a 98-year history and captures the attention of all generations.

HARRISBURG, Pa. It is a state-wide event that boasts a 98-year history and captures the attention of all generations.

"My parents, me, and my children are here,” said Pennsylvania Farm Show Visitor Brandy Smith Wednesday. “We come every year it's a tradition.”

Featuring animals, fresh food made in Pennsylvania, farm equipment and competitions, the Pennsylvania Farm Show is an event that is not only entertaining, but also educational. Students from Hershey were at the expo Wednesday for a field trip.

"It’s really good for learning and the animals are really fun to pet," said Hershey Christian student Hannah Jessep.

Last year, more than 580,000 people came to the show. And although this year's attendance has not reached that yet, visitors still showed up in huge numbers to check out some of the most popular attractions, like the giant butter sculpture.

"We have a large, thousand pound butter sculpture,” said Patrick Kerwin, executive director of the Pennsylvania Farm Show. “Which is a dancing cows having a milkshake this year because it's the 60th anniversary of the milkshake."

Other popular attractions include the “Sheep to Shawl” competition, and of course the show's famously delicious milkshakes.

"They’re extraordinary,” said Smith. “Best milkshake I’ve ever had. And We've had them around the world so I believe it's the best around."

For those on the other side of the booths, the vendors, it is an event to look forward to every year. Maggie Bride, who sells honey at the show, says she fell in love with the event the first time she attended.

"I love to come to Farm Show,” said Bride. “It started just three years ago when I was the pa maple sweetheart. I came down and represented the maple industry, and now I come back every year. We bring our own products and we sell them here."

Although Pennsylvania does not have a state fair like Maryland does, residents say the Farm Show is their version of a statewide week of fun, family and food.

Farm Show organizers say they have already started planning special events for their 100th anniversary in 2016.

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