Police Identify Man in Connection to Animal Cruelty Case

Police Identify Man in Connection to Animal Cruelty Case

David William-Lee King was arrested Tuesday evening in connection to Kyus, the Chihuahua that was found severely burned in City Park.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Police have released the name of the man who was arrested Tuesday evening in connection to the animal cruelty case of the Chihuahua, Kyus.

The man is identified as David William-Lee King. He is currently being held at the Washington County Detention Center on a $15,000 secured bond.

The case started the day before Thanksgiving, when the Humane Society of Washington County received a call from a man who found the dog hiding and crying under a bush in City Park.

The dog was covered over 40 percent of its body in burns. Despite efforts to say Kyus, the little chihuahua had to be put down.

"This individual was charged with eight counts of aggravated animal cruelty which are felony charges, along with three misdemeanor counts of animal negligence at this time," said Michael Lausen of Washington County Humane Society.

The dog's body was eventually covered in 70 percent of burns.

It has become a gut-wrenching story that has gotten the attention of the community, many expressing nothing but hurt, pain, sadness and simply the question of why anyone would abuse a little dog.

"It just seems a bit too demonic to just be human, like that person must've really been a monster," said ShaVon Gill, Martinsburg resident.

 "Why? Why would anybody do that to the animal? They're innocent, they don't know," said Betty Myers, Pennsylvania resident.

The Humane Society is awaiting toxicology reports to come out in the next two weeks.

While Kyus is no longer here, community members and investigators say there is much more work to be done for the little dog for justice.

"Whoever did that to the poor little dog, I hope they do the same thing to him," said Myers.

Lausen says the next step is to provide all the information on the charges, the information on the necropsy, the information the statement of fact to be able to substantiate and then pursue a conviction against King.

Officials from the Washington County Humane Society wants to send a 'thank you' to the public for helping find justice for Kyus.

The case is being investigated by multiple agencies, including the Humane Society and the Hagerstown Fire Marshal.



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