Police say Man Posed as Teenager Online

Police say Man Posed as Teenager Online

A Frederick man is behind bars facing several charges of sex offense after police say he solicited minors online through social media. WHAG’s Shayna Halper has the latest.
FREDERICK, Md. - Kevin White of Frederick is behind bars after police say he sexually abused at least two minors in the Four State area.

“The male suspect was posing as a 14-year-old male in order to pick up juvenile females online,” said Cpl. Jon
Holler of the Frederick Police Department.

Police say the man met the teens on meetme.com. They say one victim in the Frederick area has come forward, as well as one teen in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. White allegedly took at least one of the girls to his house, on several occasions to engage in sexual relations.

“It happens more than we know. So, where as a lot of people don't come forward and we don't get a lot of these cases in. It's happening everyday within the city, everywhere. It's really a shame,” said Cpl. Holler.

The Frederick Police Department says they work with other law enforcement agencies to crack down on online predators, and wants the public to know their input is just as important during these types of investigations.  

“We do have software that can aid in the investigation and a lot of our evidence gets sent to the Maryland State Police to assist in analyzing it, but we rely a lot on the parents of the victims and the victims coming forward with the evidence,” said Cpl. Holler.

Police say it’s best for a computer to be kept in a general location in the house so parents can monitor what kids are doing on the Internet.

White is being held at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center on a $250,000 bond.

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