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Prosecution Calls Final Witness in Child Abuse Case

On Wednesday a Berkeley County jury heard from one more witness in the case involving the New Years Day 2012 death of a local child.
BERKELEY COUNTY, W.Va. - On Wednesday a Berkeley County jury heard from one more witness in the case involving the death of a local child. Three-year-old Kaiwon Connelly died on New Years Day in 2012 after police say he was beaten and burned by his father James Mauldin. 

But in this trial it's Mauldin's girlfriend, Jasmine Dawkins, who is facing child abuse charges in the case. Cat scans showed old injuries on Kaiwon's body, starting from when he was just a few months old. 

Dawkin's trial started on Monday and the prosecution called its final witness to the stand Wednesday. WHAG was at the Berkeley County Judicial Center as Prosecutor Pamela Games Neely rested her case. 

As we've reported, Dawkins is facing charges of death of child by custodian and counts of child neglect creating risk of bodily injury. She's also accused of lying to police after the child died. Among those called to the stand were two West Virginia State Troopers. 

The troopers provided the court photos of the scene. They also talked about text messages between Dawkins and Mauldin. Those text messages showed the two discussing the child's misbehavior and physically disciplining the child.

Defense Attorney Lambert questioned one of the troopers if he told the jury that Dawkins said she was afraid of Mauldin at the time of the incident, and if he told the jury the other trooper on the scene believed Dawkins was telling the truth. He said no to both. 

The Defense is expected to begin their case Thursday morning, and finish around 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon. The Defense said they will be calling Dawkins and an expert witness to the stand. Closing arguments will begin shortly after. 

Jury deliberations are expected to begin Friday morning. WHAG will be following this trial until there is a verdict. Be sure to stay with WHAG throughout the week for the latest updates. 
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