Request for Voter Fraud Investigation

Request for Voter Fraud Investigation

Delegate calls for official investigation for voter fraud.

FREDERICK, Md. -- Described as a "grave concern," one delegate is calling for an official investigation into alleged voter irregularities in Frederick County.

"There has been 173 cases of voter fraud between the states of Maryland and Florida. 173 times of votes who voted in Maryland also voted in Florida at the same time during the same election cycle. That's obviously not aloud," said Delegate Kelly Schulz of Frederick County.

Schulz submitted the request for an investigation into the matter. She said she is only one of many who are concerned about the integrity of Maryland's election. 

"I think it should be addressed it's a serious issue i welcome the investigation," said Lisa Fish, a local resident.

While the house republican caucus supports the call for voter fraud investigation, Schulz wants to know what processes are in place in order to prevent voter fraud.

"So I sent a letter to the board of elections to the governor's office and the attorney general's office asking them what are the standard operations and procedures at this point in time," said Schulz.

Schulz says she wants to be assured that the integrity of the voting process is kept in tact.

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