Retailers Ramp up for Holiday Season

Retailers Ramp up for Holiday Season

Christmas is officially three months away, and while many people may not have started holiday shopping yet, it is time for those looking for seasonal jobs to get the ball rolling.
FREDERICK, Md. - Believe it or not, Christmas is just 90 days away. Many retailers are ramping up for the holiday season, and some local economists predict retail sales this year will be better than last few years. However they do say that growth is looking to be minimal at 2.4 percent. 

“It has been improving, last year was better than the year before, and I think given the job markets are much more stable I think that trend will continue this year
,” said Sang Kim, economics and management department chair at Hood College.

“Economists would like to see three percent annual growth or better, and were not quite there yet. We've been trying to do that the last four years, but we’re just in this slow sluggish growth. The employment won't quite pick up. So the good news is we’re growing, we’re just not growing real fast,” said Marty Crabbs, business program manager at Frederick Community College.

Retailers such as “Toys “R” Us” say hiring this holiday season is on par with last year. They’ll be hiring 45,000 seasonal employees this year.

Locally, in the D.C. and Hagerstown market, the company says they’re hiring nearly 1,000 employees for the season, 2,300 in Pennsylvania, 1,200 in Virginia and 300 in West Virginia.

Across the country, some are predicting foot traffic in stores could decrease, with more consumers buying online.

“In store traffic will decrease about one percent that could have implications for holiday hiring, maybe less in the store, and more in the areas where they will be booking those online sales. So, it's going to be another hot year for online sales I think,” said Crabbs.

“The fact that our economy around here depends so much on the federal government, it will probably have an impact with the budget battle coming up, and might very much hit us adversely,” said Kim.

Many retailers have already started the hiring process for seasonal employees, including “Toys “R” Us.” You can click here f
or more information on how to apply for seasonal positions.

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