Santa Makes a Stop at The South Berkeley Volunteer Fire Company

Santa Makes a Stop at The South Berkeley Volunteer Fire Company

The South Berkeley Fire Company passes out free toys to needy families.
Inwood, Wv. - It was a busy day for firefighters at The South Berkeley Volunteer Fire Company not because of emergency calls though.

You would normally see Santa Claus at the North Pole, the mall, or at a Christmas party but this time, he was at a fire station. 

"I mean, they even have all the people come out to see come out to see Santa Claus because for the last two weeks, they hauled Santa Claus around the fire truck to all the developments and mobile home parks," says Rick Petry, fire chief. 

As part off its seventh annual toy drive, the South Berkeley Volunteer Fire Company handed out free, brand new toys to families who cannot afford it otherwise. 

"It's just a good feeling that we can help the community and the fire department can pull together and help families if we can and make it happen for a Christmas for someone," says Donnie Shade, firefighter. 

Some of the toys were paid for and donated by community members and others from organizations who wanted to lend a hand. 

"Well, it's one way we can give back. I mean, they give all the time, you know, with donations and stuff and the majority of this year was paid for," adds Petry. 

The toys were distributed to families on December 23, 2013, bringing Santa along for the ride. A small favor that made a big difference for every child, the chance to celebrate Christmas just like anyone else. 

For the toys that become extras and were not given out, the fire company wishes to distribute them to other organizations who are also helping families in need.
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