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Schleuniger Admits to Murder of Tammy Myerly

There is finally some closure for a local family, and investigators with the Hagerstown Police Department.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- There is finally some closure for a local family, and investigators with the Hagerstown Police Department. For years they have been searching for answers, as to how Tammy Myerly died. Her former boyfriend, who was on trial in a separate murder case has confessed to killing Myerly.

Since August of 2010, there have been many questions left unanswered about how Tammy Myerly died. Her family had long suspect her ex-boyfriend, Stephen Schleuniger killed her. Their suspicions grew stronger this past fall, when Schleuniger's new girlfriend went missing. Now, they are finally learning the answers about just what happened.

"We all knew from our hearts and our minds, and our souls that Mr. Schleuniger was responsible for her death," says David Knox, Tammy Myerly's cousin. "I guess he spoke up and became who he was suppose to be, the best response is that there is closure for the family."

This was a difficult case for investigators, when Myerly's body was found, it was badly decomposed. It was nearly impossible to determine how she died.

"It was initially ruled as a suspicous death," says Lt. Jim Hurd of Hagerstown Police Department. "It was investigated as such and unfortunately there was a lack of evidence to push the case forward to a criminal proceeding."

But the case re-opened, after Schleuniger's new girlfriend went missing. Eventually, Schleuniger entered a plea agreement, admitting to murdering Lisa Simmons and leading investigators to her body. Part of that deal, also meant he would have to talk to investigators in Hagerstown about what happened to Lisa.
On Friday, he told Police he killed her. In exchange, police will not prosecute the case.

"The biggest thing we try to do is to bring closure to the family of a victim such as this, so there is a positive reaction his this case, since the family now can have closure in this case," says Hurd.

Tammy's family is hoping that now the truth is out, she can now rest in peace. 

"Our family has been through a lot," says Knox. "God knows our story again to have the closure to have some peace and some justice. There are families out there that still have cold cases, unsolved cases our hearts go out to them, so we are lucky."

Back in August of 2010, Myerly died at the age of 17, she left behind two children.

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