Several Counties in the Four-State Region Hit with Power Outages

Several Counties in the Four-State Region Hit with Power Outages

Frederick, Maryland was just one of the many cities to leave residents and businesses in the dark as Potomac Edison worked vigorously to restore power.

FREDERICK, Md. - The winter storm had just about everything bringing heavy snow, sleet, ice and power outages.

Some in the four-state region had to live in the dark as slippery conditions covered the pavement.

"This is probably the longest one I could remember in many many years," said Jim Hoffman, longtime Frederick resident.

Frederick was just one of the places to be in the dark starting Monday at 5 a.m. but power was restored around noon time.

"It's actually the worst outage I've had since I've moved in so it was just an inconvenience of it more than anything. No hot water or electricity," said Brian Dwyer, Frederick resident.

Hoffman who has lived in Frederick since 1972 said outages do no happen often in the city and when they do, he says he just makes the best of it.

"Well, we were talking about it, the neighbor and I, and I was going to put some snow in a cooler and put it in there if I had to," said Hoffman.

Power was back in some neighborhoods one at a time but some are still waiting and praying. Montgomery County had 296 Potomac Edison customers who were affected and less than five in Washington County.

Berkeley County in West Virginia affected 14 of its customers.

Wilson Place was just one of the few streets in Frederick to lose power but local neighbors said they were not affected by it but rather said they were not expecting so much snow.

Schools were closed and many stayed home from work, spending their quality time cleaning out their driveway.


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