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Shenandoah National Park's Shutdown Hurts Local Business

The Apple House restaurant has seen fewer customers once the park closed from the government shutdown, an issue many locals are furious about.
LINDEN, Va. - Around this time of year, tourism plays a large role in generating tourism dollars for Virginia.
However, with the Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive's shutdown, it has affected local businesses that thrive off of tourists such as The Apple House Restaurant and Gift Shop.
"Our exit is one of the prime exits for that so we feel that people getting off that exit not knowing they can't go to that park could instrumentally affect our business," said Katie Tewell, Apple House general manager.
The weekends are usually seen as the busiest days of the week for The Apple House but instead, money could be lost this time around.
"The bad thing about the drive being closed, that's like an American right. It's part of being an American. That's a national park and our government takes that away?" said George McIntyre, Apple House owner.
Among locals, Linden is considered a commuter community, and Warren County as one of the most visited areas for tourists.
"If it keeps one family away, that's a fairly good sized sum of money to be spent," said McIntyre.
A Vietnam veteran showed his distress by displaying the flags on his hat as upside down.
"Well, I think it's really stupid for people, for the government to close monuments and things like that, that are open air like Skyline Drive or the monuments in D.C.," said Duffy Hearrell, Warren County resident and veteran.
It has become a crisis not only visitors but longtime residents feel as their American rights get taken away all at once.
McIntyre says he has received multiple calls from tourists asking for other attractions to explore. For a list of available places to visit in the county, click here.
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