Sheriff's Office Details Factors in Finding Missing People

Sheriff's Office Details Factors in Finding Missing People

"Whether it's a business calling in saying, 'Well I saw that individual at 5 p.m. walk by my business,' That helps us establish a timeline," said Carly Hose with the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - In Washington County, officials say kind assistance offered by the public is often helpful. In particular the community can render aid when it comes to information about missing people. 

Several missing individuals from the elderly to children have been found thanks to community feedback.

"Where we'd love to be able to see everything all the time we can't. So we need, we rely on our community to be our ears and eyes out there," said Carly Hose, Deputy First Class Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say the information helps deputies add a time and a place to their investigations.

"Whether it's a business calling in saying well I saw that individual at 5 p.m. walk by my business that helps us establish a timeline," said Hose.

Donald Klick, Dora Johnson and Kendre White are just a few of the missing people who were found shortly after the sheriff's office reached out to the community for help. Officials say any piece of information can make a big difference.

"You never know what your piece of information could bring to finding an individual," said Hose. "Even if it seems like it's minuet or I saw them 20 minutes ago they're probably not going to be there by now, it's helping us establish a timeline and figure out where they went."

Hose says using Facebook has improved community involvement.

"Another tool for us to make the community aware of what's going on and no police dept. Can work effectively without the help of their community so getting, opening that line of communication is another way for us to get the information out to them and they can then relay what they're seeing to us." said Hose.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says they appreciate all the community feedback from past cases and encourage them to continue to help when they can.

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