Six Sites Considered for Downtown Frederick Hotel

Six Sites Considered for Downtown Frederick Hotel

A hotel could be coming to Downtown Frederick sooner than you might think. The Downtown Frederick Hotel Advisory Committee met with the Mayor and Board of Alderman Wednesday to discuss the latest. WHAG’s Shayna Halper has more.
FREDERICK, MD - Talks are underway about bringing a hotel to Downtown Frederick. Currently there are none there, and six locations are being considered for the project.

Two recent studies show there’s a demand for a hotel in the area.

“Both studies conformed there is a demand here in Frederick that would support a full service hotel. Certainly, we want to take advantage of the amenities we have downtown,” says Earl Robbins, Chairman of the Downtown Frederick Hotel Advisory Committee.

More than six City administrations have been working to revitalize the area, and a hotel, some say is next on the list.

“We have a number of demand generators, in other words things that put feet on the street, and make cash registers ring. A hotel has been missing and the ability to stay downtown has been missing in our community,” says Richard Griffin, Director of the City of Frederick Department of Economic Development.

Those who support the hotel, say it’s an opportunity to build on the City’s revitalization, and increase tourism and business in the area.

Six sites are being considered, three of them already being favored by the Department of Economic Development, that includes where the current Post Office is, and the vacant building across the street from it that’s for sale.

“We've received good support from a number of different partners the Department of Housing and Community Development has assisted us with a technical assistance grant to do some of our early studies the state legislature has assisted with a 250,000 bond bill to help win early up front starting costs,” says Griffin.

The Mayor and Board have matched some funds to assist with the project as well. The Downtown Hotel Advisory Committee says that a decision could be made on the best location for the hotel within the next few weeks.

All of the potential sites are within a third of a mile from the square corner in the heart of downtown Frederick.

For more, head to Downtown Hotel Information.

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