State Police Look Into Middletown Embezzlement Investigation

State Police Look Into Middletown Embezzlement Investigation

“It's tax payer dollars. It's serious."

MIDDLETOWN, Va. - Virginia State Police are investigating a possible embezzlement of tax payer dollars in Middletown.

"We want to make sure that it's just an isolated incident, which we expect that it is,” said Mayor Charles Harbaugh. “And we need to move forward. We need to get this taken care of. It's tax payer dollars. It's serious."

WHAG spoke with the Treasurer of Middletown, Stacey Harrison, who confirmed the investigation.

"I can confirm, along with the mayor, that I did request a state investigation. And at this time, I’m not able to comment any further until the investigation has been completed," said Harrison. 

According to officials, when Treasurer Harrison discovered the missing funds, she reported it to the mayor.

Because the investigation involves community offices, Middletown Police are unable to get involved.

"You know in small municipalities they can't let their local police department do it, or the county. They kick it up to the state. And that's we have the state police investigating this.

State Police Sergeant Les Tyler was also able to confirm their involvement with the case.

Officials were not able to comment on when the alleged embezzlement was discovered, but we know it happened on - or sometime after - October 21st of this year, as Treasurer Harrison had not yet taken office until then.

"We want to come to a conclusion as quickly as anybody does, but we need to take our time to make sure we get all the information we can before we implicate anybody or charge anybody," said Harbaugh.

Middletown has had some problems with embezzlement before.

The most recent incident involved time and equipment, and not community funds.

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