Stephanie's Saturday Forecast 12/7

Stephanie's Saturday Forecast 12/7

A clear and sunny day is in store for us this Saturday, but Sunday is a different story. A Winter Storm Watch is in effect for most of our viewing area tomorrow morning until Monday morning.
Happy Saturday Evening to everyone! 

TONIGHT:  Clouds move in with our approaching winter storm.  LOW:  25.  WIND:  Northeast 5-10 MPH.

SUNDAY: Snow and sleet throughout the day, by the afternoon expect a mix of snow/sleet changing to freezing rain through Sunday night into Monday morning.  Snow accumulation: 1-3 inches, ice accumulation: .25-.50 inches.  HIGH:  31,  LOW:  29.  WIND:  East 5-10 MPH.  

MONDAY: Early Monday morning freezing rain will continue, but as the morning warms into the afternoon, most ice will melt.   HIGH:  38,  LOW: 28.

TUESDAY:  Partly sunny.  Cold air settles into the region.  HIGH:  32,  LOW:  16.

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy and cold.  HIGH:  30,  LOW: 13.

THURSDAY:  Mostly sunny and very cold.  HIGH:  28,  LOW:  12.  

FRIDAY:  Mostly sunny and still very cold.  HIGH:  30,  LOW: 12.  
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