Suns Partner With Company to Fund Fredericksburg Stadium

Suns Partner With Company to Fund Fredericksburg Stadium

This latest move by the Suns could seal the deal for their move to Virginia.

HAGERSTOWN, MD- The ball keeps rolling in Fredericksburg, where discussions for a new stadium for the Suns have taken another step forward.

The Suns have partnered with Diamond Nation, a private company based in New Jersey, to help fund the construction of a stadium in Virginia.

This comes after a public hearing in July, where Fredericksburg residents objected to a publicly funded stadium.

Meanwhile, Hagerstown City Council has not had a discussion about the fate of the Suns on the agenda for months.

“If we're not having a conversation, then you can't reach a consensus on a direction to move in,” said Hagerstown Councilman Kristin Aleshire. “And it seems to me, and I’ve said this over and over in public session, everybody's talking about the Suns project or the stadium project but the Council at this point.”

Councilman Aleshire said the City's failure to move forward might be in part because there is still disagreement about where a new stadium in Hagerstown would be built, if at all.

“It has a bit to do with the community influences on the topic itself,” said Aleshire. “From the clear public opinion that a stadium downtown is not the most welcome scenario, to having that sort of discord on which site is most preferred by the majority of the [council] Membership.”

Even though there's a stall in open discussion about the suns in Hagerstown, many residents say they don't want to see the suns go.

“The Suns should stay here because it's like a tradition, a history, and I remember growing up as a child going to the Suns games,” said Hagerstown resident Collin Gordon.

“I definitely think they should stay,” said Hagerstown resident Michael Kernan. “I hear that they were actually going to move downtown here is that a possibility?”

It’s a possibility that the Hagerstown City Council has not publicly discussed for some time now.

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