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Superintendent Discusses Hot Topics Within the Community

Frederick County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban took a special trip to a retirement center in Frederick on Wednesday.
FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Frederick County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban went to visit the Homewood retirement center in Frederick to meet with some of the school systems oldest alums, who are also some of their newest volunteers.

“We are a public school system and any taxpayer has a stake in what happens in our school system,” said Dr. Terry Alban, superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools.

FCPS says as they move forward with budget talks, they want to hear from the community. Wednesday’s meeting was a chance for the school to talk with people in the community and answer their questions.

Dr. Alban and the group discussed some of the newest things on the forefront of Frederick County schools, including the common core curriculum, and measures the schools are taking to fight bullying.

“I like her enthusiasm about the common core program because there are some commonalities about how children learn that don't always get implemented by the persons coming in,” said Dr. Albert Powell, a former FCPS student.

Frederick County is the number one school system in the state for student performance. Dr. Powell says he has worked with children his whole life, and says though the children of Frederick County are in good hands

“It's always gratifying to hear for. People who went through the school system themselves and have had children and grandchildren go through the system in terms of how strong they feel the education is here in Frederick County,” said Dr. Alban.

Public Schools in the State of Maryland are ranked number one in the United States.

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