The IAFF Local 1605 Gives $135,000 to Local Charities

The IAFF Local 1605 Gives $135,000 to Local Charities

Hagerstown Professional Firefighters are doing more than fight flames, they're writing a check for over $135,000 to local charities.

HAGERSTOWN, MD - The Hagerstown Professional Firefighters have raised $1.2 million for charity over the last eight years by selling-out their annual Bonanza  Extravaganza. On Tuesday at Bulls and Bears in Hagerstown, the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 1605 Foundation is writing a check for more than $135,000 in grants to 25 local non-profits.

"That $1.2 million represents a lot of hard work on our part, a lot of hard work on everyone else's part, it helps us and again it represents us caring about the community," said John Murray, IAFF Local 1605 Foundation president. 

The IAFF Local 1605 Foundation puts on the Bonanza Extravaganza : it's a two-day raffle event full of games and prizes ranging from $100 to $100,000 and brand new cars. Hagerstown firefighters say it's another way for them to uplift their community.

"Every day the professional firefighters in Hagerstown, we see the suffering, we see the need and that's why we want to continue to give back to the community, to help alleviate some of that suffering," said Murray

The Foundation is also giving awards to programs who promote fire safety, like the Boy Scouts Troop 23, Band Boosters, Project Lifesaver, Hagerstown Area PAL and others. Firefighters say it takes a special person to run these charities, just like it takes to put out a fire.

"Short answer is, it just takes a different breed: it takes somebody that's not afraid to admit when they're wrong and not afraid to learn from their mistakes," said Craig Dofflemyer, Hagerstown Professional Firefighter.

The Extravaganza Bonanza takes place Mother's Day weekend and they're already prepping for next year. To keep up-to-date with the event and Foundation information, see their website.

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