The New Year Drops in with Krumpe's Do-Nuts

The New Year Drops in with Krumpe's Do-Nuts

A familiar Hagerstown donut will now help residents ring in the new year.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The countdown is on to ring in the new year, some people might watch the ball drop from New York's time square.

But this new year's, it won't be a crystal ball that drops from the square in Hagerstown, but a giant, glazed, donut.

"They take it from the wood and wire frame, to the paper Mache, to the coloring of the donut or the painting, and it's a pretty big donut," said one of the owners of Krumpe’s Do-Nut’s, Fred Krumpe, about the donut that will be dropped on New Year’s Eve.

It's all part of a community event, but the donut won't wait until 11:59 PM to drop.

"They wanted to do to make this a family affair where people can bring their kids before the adult parties get going. And it started making sense, and then when people started calling in, asking 'What is this donut drop?' and I'd tell them, I'd say, 'It starts at 6 PM and the donut drop is at 6:59.' They're like, 'Oh wow, I'll be up at 6:59 but I'm not going to be up at 11:59,'" said Krumpe.

But why the donut?

"To go along with other communities around the country, like Hershey, Pa. does a chocolate kiss drop, but they asked the local community what they would like to see Hagerstown drop, and the results came back overwhelmingly for Krumpe Do-Nut drop," said Krumpe.

Krumpe's has been a staple in the area since 1934, when Fred's grandfather started making donuts, the exact same way they still make them today.

And this sweet way to ring in the New Year is something Fred Krumpe believes will help bring the community together.

Krumpe's Do-Nut's was also recently named one of the best late-night food joints by Esquire Magazine. Something Fred Krumpe said, he had no idea about until a customer told him.
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